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Discover the high-quality blister packing machine

Do you want to purchase a high-quality blister packing machine, so you can optimize all of your projects? GTE-engineering, based The Netherlands, offers packaging machines of the highest quality as well as other kind of products. The company has gained a lot of experience over the years and specialises in packaging for different industries, such Read More

This specialist produces several cryogenic valves

Are you looking for cryogenic valves for your company and do you want to make sure that you buy the best quality? Then it’s a good idea to take a look at Red Point. This specialist sells a lot of valves which you can use for several applications. They are a supplier to a large Read More

Prevent harmful dietary cation anion difference in dairy cows

Milk fever is a possible cause of death in dairy cows. This occurs especially during calving and with older dairy cows. The calcium demand of de dairy cows increases significantly during calving. This is not surprising, as the animal has to produce colostrum to feed the calves. However, an older dairy cow also has less Read More

Find the perfect seal machine for your company

In the medical, pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry precision is important. Not only when it comes to the manufacturing of products, but also with regards to the packaging. Of course, your products need to be sealed off perfectly in order to guarantee that they are sterile. Therefore it is best to order a seal machine that Read More


A LM 2500 specialist who provides many services

Mechanical Field Support B.V. (MFS) is your perfect partner when you are looking for spare parts and services for a General Electric gas turbine such as the LM 2500. This company is one of the most knowledgeable support companies for GE turbines and MFS carries. Besides spare part delivery, this company has specialized in gas Read More


Pumps sind treue und vielseitige Weggefährten

Pumps haben in den letzten Jahrzehnte eine ungeheure Entwicklung durchlaufen. Mittlerweile gibt es diese Alleskönner in den unterschiedlichsten Farben und Varianten wie beispielsweise im Hinblick auf die Absatzhöhe. Derzeit besonders begehrt sind auch die so genannten V-Neck-Pumps, die den Fuß ein wenig schmaler und die Beine noch etwas länger erscheinen lassen. Einen wunderbaren Eindruck von Read More


Buy an egg separator machine from this producer for reliable egg handling

When you need a new egg processing machine, you are often inclined to make a hasty decision. Production should not be at a standstill for too long, so old equipment needs to be replaced quickly. These kinds of decisions are not to be taken too lightly however, because the right egg processing machine not only Read More


Die Behandlungseinheit, die ein Zahnarzt wählt, trägt zum Behandlungserfolg bei

Der Behandlungserfolg basiert bei Zahnärzten natürlich zuerst einmal auf einer gründlichen und langjährigen Ausbildung, die die Voraussetzung für die Arbeit bildet. Anschließend spielen jedoch noch weitere Faktoren eine Rolle. Es liegt zum Beispiel auch am persönlichen Engagement des Zahnarztes und an seiner Gewissenhaftigkeit, ob die Behandlung zum gewünschten Ergebnis führt. Außerdem wirken sich auch die Read More


Advanced pure water systems for a variety of applications

Do you need pure water systems for chemical, pharmaceutical or industrial applications? Then DeionX has just the right system for you. Their state-of-the-art purification systems filter any unwanted substance out of the water. These substances could be chemicals, gasses or other biological contaminants. Their pure water systems are so advanced, they can transform chemically contaminated Read More


Create amazing moments with a confetti machine

Does your next event miss a little something? Or do you want to add onto the amazing act and décor you already have? Any memorable party, event or festival needs an extra in the form of a confetti, CO2 or fire machine. A confetti machine can add a mesmerizing effect at the ultimate peak of Read More

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