De onderdelen van een MJOP

Een meerjarenonderhoudsplan zal bij de Vereniging van Eigenaars bekend in de oren klinken. Het rapport geeft een prettig overzicht van het nodige onderhoud in de toekomst en de bijbehorende kosten. Het plan, ook wel het MJOP genoemd, heeft betrekking op de gemeenschappelijke zaken van de VvE’s, zoals het dak en de aanwezige trappen en kozijnen. Read More


The different tasks of a football referee

Maintains of the game, referees make binding decisions regarding the application of soccer laws. The head referee works with assistant referees, who monitor the lines and ensure that the game is played fairly. Enforce Fair Play The main task of a referee is to watch over the game and to enforce fair play. Referees have Read More


Glamping voor mindervaliden

De toenemende populariteit van glamping is goed nieuws voor mensen die van het buitenleven houden, maar liever niet op een luchtbedje slapen. Deze luxe vorm van kamperen, waarbij je verblijft in een safaritent, lodge of bijvoorbeeld een tiny house geeft je het avontuurlijke buitengevoel van kamperen. Tegelijkertijd is je accommodatie zo volledig ingericht, dat glamping Read More


Salarisadministratie voor de drukke ondernemer

Salarisadministratie voor de drukke ondernemer   Ben jij een ondernemer en wil je eindelijk werknemers gaan inhuren? Als ondernemer heb je het ontzettend druk. Je moet veel zelf doen, zeker als je nog geen werknemers heb. Belasting moet je ook zelf berekenen en alle andere zaken waar je misschien minder verstand van heb, komen op Read More

Finding An Air Conditioning Service In Toronto

Doing a search online for air conditioner service Toronto is a good way to locate a dependable company. Once you find the right company, you can enjoy comfortable, pleasant and summer-like seasons in Toronto for your entire family. Services offered by Air conditioner service Toronto Air conditioners are often a necessity when living in an area Read More


The refurbishment of perfectly functioning spare parts

It is often underestimated what a few spare parts can mean to the technical functioning of your machinery. When you are looking for the refurbishment of these spare parts, then you can count on the services by MT unirepair B.V. By utilizing these parts as much as possible, it is far easier to repair the Read More

Discover the high-quality blister packing machine

Do you want to purchase a high-quality blister packing machine, so you can optimize all of your projects? GTE-engineering, based The Netherlands, offers packaging machines of the highest quality as well as other kind of products. The company has gained a lot of experience over the years and specialises in packaging for different industries, such Read More

This specialist produces several cryogenic valves

Are you looking for cryogenic valves for your company and do you want to make sure that you buy the best quality? Then it’s a good idea to take a look at Red Point. This specialist sells a lot of valves which you can use for several applications. They are a supplier to a large Read More

Prevent harmful dietary cation anion difference in dairy cows

Milk fever is a possible cause of death in dairy cows. This occurs especially during calving and with older dairy cows. The calcium demand of de dairy cows increases significantly during calving. This is not surprising, as the animal has to produce colostrum to feed the calves. However, an older dairy cow also has less Read More

Blood, sweat and pixels

the best marketing books Blood, sweat and pixels … it turns out that computer games are incredibly difficult to make. This is not fun, but crazy work. And that’s why: Almost all games are interactive The developer needs to think over a million actions that the user can perform in the game. This is a Read More

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